It’s been years since I’ve written on this site. For a short time, the domain was owned by another woman but thankfully she let it expire and the site is back with its rightful owner.

It’s taken me hours to write this post. How many countless times did I write a few paragraphs and hear that voice in my head, Who do you think you are?  They’re going to laugh at you.

But I know that you’re not laughing.

If anything, you get it.

You, too, have held back from doing that one thing, the thing that will put you out there for all to see.

You have done battle with the voices in your head, the ones who sound familiar but are meaner than any one person could ever be.

Maybe you’ve come close to doing it, that one thing. Maybe you’ve walked to the ledge and looked down and closed your eyes and leaned forward–only to pull yourself back before it was too late.

Maybe you’ve laid awake at night, regretting all the time that’s gone and all the chances you’ve missed and all the people who have passed you by.

Maybe you’ve reading this right now, thinking about it…that one thing. That which will bring you the utmost joy and fulfillment and purpose.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for us both to try again.

What do you say?

I say, Let’s do it.

I’ll be here, writing often.




3 thoughts on “What’s holding you back?

  1. I’ve got a lot of poetry in folders that I’ve written over the years that were pretty well received at poetry readings I thought. I’ve done stand up comedy as well. Both mediums examine our lives. It’s fun and rewarding to hear peoples’ responses. Perspective, … this is mine what’s your view ? finding out we’re not that different brings us closer together.

    1. Walter, I love this. I would love to see you perform some time. Maybe we could both hit an open mic together???

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