One of my favorite authors is Marianne Williamson and one of my favorite books of hers is A Woman’s Worth. My mom gave it to me years ago and in turn, I have shared it with many friends over the years.

This morning, after chatting with a dear friend in Paris who is going through trials not unlike mine at present, I opened the book to a favorite passage. I thought I’d share it with you today.

“When a woman rises up in glory, her energy is magnetic and her sense of possibility contagious. We have all seen glorious women, full of integrity and joy, aware of it, proud of it, overflowing with love. They shine. I have known this state in other women and, at moments, in myself. But it could be a stronger statement, a more collective beat. We don’t have to do anything to be glorious; to be so is our nature. If we have read, studied and loved; if we have thought as deeply as we could and felt as deeply as we could; if our bodies are instruments of love given and received–then we are the greatest blessing in the world. Nothing needs to be added to that to establish our worth.”

I ask you, ladies, what would it be like if you rose up in glory today? If you owned your power fully and with the utmost integrity?

Would it mean that you spoke up in that meeting?

That you sent that email that’s been in draft for weeks?

That you applied for that job that is out of your comfort zone?

That you approached that guy you’ve been silently crushing on?

That you started that book you’ve been writing in your head?

That you called that realtor about the home you know is meant to be yours?

That you booked the trip you’ve been talking about for years?

That you wore that dress that’s been hanging on your closet door since forever?

That you called the friend you had the falling out with all that time ago?

That you forgave yourself and finally, finally moved forward with your life?

And men, what would it look like if you supported the women in your life as they did these powerful things? What could you do differently as they take risks, small and large?

I wish that I could write more–but I have an important meeting to get to and many things to say. So I will.



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